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I promised to put up some of the quotes from Hogwarts @ Hamilton.  For those who have no clue what this is...madness works.  Over the couse of a single month, the interested students at Hamilton College recieve a character , and a classroom, indoor wandering, outdoor wandering, or tourguide role.  Seven minute scripts are written.  Fake British accents are developed.  Or not developed, as the case may be.  Several individuals also learned how to be someone from the opposite sex, the other side of the Veil, or another species.  Or, in the case of poor Sir Nick, two of the three.  
This was actually a very speacial year for me in terms of character.  My first year, i played Megan Jones, a character JK created but never mentioned in any of the books.  Last year I was Lisa Turpin, a character mentioned exactly once, in Harry's first Sorting Ceremony.  Finally, this year I had the chance to be w well kknown and beloved character.  I was.............COLIN CREEVY!  Yes, he's a he, and (SPOILER ALERT) dead, but people finally knew who I was.  Moving on.
The Thursday before opening night we have our sole full rehersal, and the following afternoon is spent turning a small building on campus into Hogwarts, including a dungeon, common rooms, Great Hall, and the Weasely Swamp.  On Friday ans Saturday evening, young children, their parents, and later in the night, drunk college students, are sorted into houses, each of which visits four Hogwarts classes and two common rooms.  By the end of the weekend, we will have repeated each classroom scene thirty-two times.

As you can immagine, we have all cracked under pressure before the tours even begin.  The tours containing children stay clean, but the ones composed of all college students...  Well, I'll just present the best of this years Hog@Ham quotes.  My thanks to A.S., aka Tracy Davis, who compiled almost all of these.

-“15 points from Gryffindor because your hair is the color of a diseased fruit, Weasely” –Snape
-"70 points to Slytherine, because it makes me feel better about myself” –Snape
-"50 points from Gryfindor because I, too, had a threesome with Hermoine and Luna,
but unlike you, Potter, they were not sedated"-Snape
-"Hermoine, remember that time last week when I said that was my wand in my pocket?
Well, it wasn't really my wand..." --Ron

-"5 points to Slytherine… because of my chest.”--Snape

-“Don’t worry about it!  Drink up!  I have tenure!”-Prof. Burbage

-"Beware these symbols: a dog, J, and ♥, they mean awful things will happen to you."--Trelawny

Daphnne's teacup's prediction is funnier when you saw her in a very...interesting version of the Hogwarts uniform, including an anarchy symbol hanging from her skirt, combat boots, a VERY low top, and a posture that clearly said "I mock you, and will enjoy crushing you into the dust."  She only saw leaves in her teacup, so Trelawny took over.
-“I guess I am going to have to do it for you.  Oh, Ms. Greengrass it looks like you are going to have
many Gryffindor best friends, and are going to spend the rest of your life frolicking in meadows holding
hands with them, and will be surrounded by puppies and rainbows and unicorns.  Doesn’t that sound lovely?”
Daphne: “So, it’s like last week then.” Trelawny: “Yes, Ms. Greengrass, it is like every week that I have
read your tea leaves for you.”
-"The fates told me to be here, and who am I to ignore the voices in my head?” --Trelawny
-“I’ll do anything for you, Harry Potter… anything.” --Dobby
-"Everthing they say about werewolves during a full moon is true.  I am exhausted." --Tonks
-"Hey, I am a Metamorphagus.  I can be anything he wants.  All night long." --Tonks

Ginny hexing  Marrietta: "Stripteasium!" Colin, approaching the stripping Marrietta with camera in hand: "I can work with this...Come on, make love to the camera. " Colin to the tour group: "I will be selling these in the common rooms later.  Remember, wizarding photographs move!"

 Daphne sees (in her teacup) Draco and Harry in a broom closet together.  “Oh, no, my dear, I am afraid you are mistaken, that is in fact, me with Draco Malfoy.”  

Draco is in charge of a prostitution ring.  Dobby enters: "Don't make me do it again, master, not again!"

So there you have it, the best quotes from this year's Hogwarts at Hamiltion.  Hope you enjoyed, and thanks again Ash!

Boomslangvenom (Colin Creevy)

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